Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Missing Out

 So after making the decision to not go out to see The Sword and Big Business I keep feeling that I'm a little too cautious at times.I was not feeling well by the time the hour to travel down to the Tremont came.The only reason I even find a need to discuss this matter or write about it I believe is that I owe others some sort of explanation for not being there.Its hard enough to deal with my own personal bashing then tack on some good old fashioned gossip and Judgementalism. I say I could give a fuck what others think of my no show at an event I was on a list semi scheduled to attend. I do know this, I'm grateful for my understanding Girlfriend whom never took it personal or got selfishly mad we weren't going and a couple true friends just reached out in whole hearted concern and let me know they were checking up on me.I know I'm not really that important and I know my mind creates much of its own "Dilemma."So for today I will chalk this one up to a good learning experience. In my heart I know I made the best choice in regards to completing that 24 hrs clean & sober. Now onward with today. God Help Me!!!