Tuesday, February 11, 2014

D.O.C. Music : My Label and Home

So i wanted to inform everyone of the label and merchandising company that i have started and will be working hard throughout the rest of this year getting as much done as i can.The first two CD releases are both k.lloyd. The first is "Bootleg Volume One" which is the album purepainblues NOLA that was supposed to be released on Neurot Recordings but that deal never came to fruition.It has Jimmy Bower on Drums and Brian Patton on Second Guitar.Both of EHG.Also some amazing slide guitar work by Earl Jr. formerly of New Orleans own Instrumental Jam band Clearlight.Mystic Krewe of Clearlight were always one of my personal favorites.The late Joey Lacaze did some killer drumwork in this band.
   Also in the good news section is a newly secured relationship with the mighty Rusty KNuckles and Altco Records.Ralph Miller from Rusty Knuckles dropped out of no where into my radar and through some extensive back and forth online and each of us checking the possibilities out we agreed upon buzzoven doing its first new song back "in the game" lets say on a split 7 inch with Carolinas own Crank County Daredevils.We hope to have the track done by March so that this mighty slab of Vinyl can be sent off to the presses.Also the k.lloyd semi official full length will come out on Rusty Knuckles probably toward the end of 2014.Altco is mainly Stevie Tombstone of whom i was introduced by Ralph and have found we have many strange similarities in the world of crash and burn.Stevie has been a huge help to me just recently as i do find it very difficult to balance much of anything in life.Doing music is my job and i plan to keep it that way.Stevie and i will be meeting up this month to track a few new songs for the Altco Label which is a sub-division of Rusty KNuckles.I have been so excited about all of this developing without me having to do much but be open minded and let people who have more knowledge with development of a solo artist.My old friends Antiseen and Black Eyed Vermillion are both on these 2 labels.Also the great Billy Don Burns of whom i was communicating with back in 2007 when i recorded both of my k.lloyd full lengths of which im touring and promoting now.
    Hopefully as all of this develops and buzzoven gets prepared for the European ONSLAUGHT and i gradually make my way into the solo artist arena i can maintain my new found Sanity which i was recently diagnosed legally crazy and im properly medicated.Im hoping to release vinyl of both k.lloyd full lengths and in time release a CD or two by a few upcoming artists that have been led to me and i think maybe the general public may like.
    The big thing is im back active and participating in LIFE again.Being bi-polar and a Recovering Addict/Alcoholic is no easy path but i do find that things could be much worse.AS im editing my first book( with the title of this blog ) im realizing that i was getting better all along.I was stuck by my own FEAR at times but im alive and i love music.The God i believe in speaks to me positively through many types of music and almost daily.I am so grateful for my ability to spin a song and vent my emotions or tell a tale.Its a gift not everyone has.The moral to this is its only a gift that i can keep if im willing to give it away and pass it along.I pray that my little label and my music touches someones heart and allows them some relief from whatever it is in their struggle.I know my music helps me in a huge way.I mean all this with sincere humility and want everyone to know how gracious i am your even reading this far along.Thank You!!!Thank You SO,SO very much! You all give me a purpose and for that i am Eternally GRATEFUL!!!