Tuesday, February 11, 2014

K.Lloyd "Bootleg Volume One" Is Done and Out.

 Just wanted to drop a few words after writing a bigger piece on my other blog Demon Spit about this CD.Recorded in NOLA throughout 2007-2008,it has some NOLA Alumni including Mr.Jimmy Bower(Down,EHG)on drums.Brian Patton(EHG,Soilent Green) and Earl Roesch Jr.(Clearlight) on Slide guitar.Brian adds some acoustic and Electric hollow body to a couple of tracks.These guys really were my saving grace and their abilities to shred on their personal instruments made this recording an amazing experience.It is available under the Bootleg status because 1.The Masters were lost so there was no final mix or enhancements done to much of it 2.It has 3 bonus tracks from "Solow" my debut k.lloyd cd that was released but never distributed or really promoted properly seeing as though Sleeping Village Records folded before any real work was done.This was supposed to be on Neurot Recordings in its initial time of being made but due to my own Demons this never came to pass.Its available through my own newly found label D.O.C. Music and will be available on vinyl soon in Europe. My Proud Mountain Records will release the Vinyl and the CDS are available for $10 plus postage from buzzovenmerchandise.bigcartel.com. We hope you enjoy this recording as we will be rereleasing k.lloyd "Solow" as D.O.C. Music #2 which will both be available while k.lloyd finishes up work writing and recording his full length #3.This 3rd full length will be released on Rusty Knuckles.The home label for fellow Queen City Punk Godfathers Antiseen,Billy Don Burns,Husky Burnette,Crank County Daredevils and many many more.I am super excited about this upcoming #3 full length.I believe it will showcase my best songwriting to date.Im grateful to the guys i know who helped me remember my love for music.