Monday, February 10, 2014

Buzzoven- "REBIRTH" New David Paul Seymour T-Shirt

So I wasn't planning to release this shirt just yet but I have changed my mind.Its going to be a Roadburn exclusive zip up hoodie.The hoodie will be seen and available only at Roadburn and is something I look forward to greatly.My relationship with David Paul Seymour the artist stems back to when I was not in the best state of mind and was being medicated for my bi-polar by a Hack of a Doctor.I was losing my sense of Reality and sanity to put it plainly.David was a trooper and stuck with me through this part of my own personal tragedy that make up who I am today.I am far from being the man I would like to be.This blog is one way that I try to give a small chunk of my being to someone else who suffers from a Dual Diagnosis like I do.It mainly allows me an avenue of journaling and writing whatever I feel like I want to.You can also read the notes on my personal Facebook page if you have any interest in delving deeper into my thoughts and Ramblings.Regardless I plan to continue doing my writings and I still don't know how to type or use the internet to its full capability.These will be coming soon from my own personal store.I want to thank David for doing such a great job and encourage all of you to go and check out his work at his website. When these are printed and available you all will know so Untill then you can pre order the shirt for $20.00 plus postage from