Monday, February 24, 2014

Disciples Of Chaos

As I move through and into another day I decided to give you all a sneek peek at some artwork in its development to piece together one of my upcoming covers for a record. The extra special thing about this title and piece of a bigger whole is my dream for living a new life in the outline I am learning in Recovery. I want to help others .Seeng shows like Pitbulls and Parolees as well as having new life experiences due to having a wonderful girlfriend, have given me hope I can do something more for someone than just a small gesture of kindness.Not trying to bore you with all the details but after learning so much about my own emotional condition in regards to loss and love I have joined the ranks of many who know how special Pittbulls are. I am working on a book that tells the story of how I learned to let go without anger when I dealt with losing Dollar Bill who was the blue Pitt who belonged to my significant other Simerly Cook. Dollar provided friendship and taught me how misunderstood creatures other than myself can be. Working with his daughter Penny has been so rewarding and has brought a happiness and reward I personally had never experienced. Disciples Of Chaos will eventually be a non profit organization to help Pitbulls and also help professional musicians get into treatment for Drug and Alcohol abuse.Although I feel that it would play out better to wait for the entire organization and ideas to be more substantial I also know and feel time is delicate and waiting is not in my vocabulary. We are planning to release a t- shirt with this heart with wings and an outlaw biker style patch logo to begin our task of raising money to start helping the Pitbulls ASAP. I plan to rescue one just as soon as Simerly and I move into our own place. All monies raised are going to be put into a website and any efforts we can find to help this highly misunderstood breed of Dogs. Please stay tuned and watch for the release of this shirt which will have ALL of its profits going into the development of the Non a Profit of the same name. I am excited to have this dream. Disciples Of Chaos will be built around the helping of Pitbulls and other Addicts in music whom want a different life. Of course Music, fashion, and the alternative culture will be ever present. I'm hoping that in time we can make a difference in some peoples lived and bring about understanding of the amazing Pitbulls whom are such awesome dogs I just can't express it all in words. I want to thank Brian Annan who started on this artwork without us ever even meeting or talking. This is also a story to be told at a later date. Hopefully we will have the shirts done sooner than later due to our friends over at holy Mountain printing. We will make you all aware of the shirts as soon as they are done. Thanks again Kirk Lloyd