Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Synanon Church: Extreme?

 So with my recent research of early Christianity and Religious Cults I stumbled upon The Synanon. Sounds like a Detox Unit in many city's.Its a very fascinating thing to me that these extreme beliefs of a group have been somewhat adopted by some of the more successful treatment programs of today. That being said I plan to do more extensive research into this so called cult/religion that adopted AA as a way of life but seemingly took it a step further. I find little about extreme living and beliefs shocking. As for this Synanon I am even more intrigued because of my own experience with AA, drug addiction and treatments of various types. I have never been a fan of "cold turkey" type detoxing but I understand it's effectiveness after my own detox in a county jail cell off of Methadone. I will share more here as I find it out.As I said I look forward to discovering more about Charles Dederich and The Synanon Church. Stay tuned for more.