Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dissolving In Wreckage

So it seems the piper has come to collect.Hiring a shitty attorney is my first mistake.Resistance of my responsibility is not my flake.Its and intern condition on a psychaotic condition.Spit on the hand,bite the mental curdle that wrips into the divine.What is the angle? Why am i so late/.? RECRUIT. ReCtiFy + y WhY y. Its a by product of a disease i suffer from.Its called Alcoholism and Addiction.There is no EASY WAY to go about so much of lifes trials and especially getting back in the game of life.Life is Life and SHIT HAPPENS. The key for me is to carry myself through situations that i used to be blacked out or nodded off during without creating anymore piles of dirtkicker piles.I am no preacher and i am far from having a real clue about applying these tools of REcovery to anything besides my wants. God has had me all along and fear of the unknown and trying new things has always scared me more than a syringe full of dope but slowly im beginning too see that i can live life one day at a time and i dont even want to run or escape.Happy Birthday to my buzzoven brother Randy Felton and dont forget that February is Jeff Clayton month.