Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Family: Choking Me Internally

You know it's tough just dealing with the recent Dual Diagnosis I received and am just about to fucking Explode if my Mom doesn't stop trying to inflict Her negative controlling rules.Family is hard enough from a distance and just a few times a year let alone when they open their hoarding unorganized home to you and they act like they are the fucking Risen Savior themselves and because they allow you back in their Chicken Coop you are supposed to Bow Down and give them praises.Fucking Please.I don't have to listen to this shit.Then on the first snow of this cold ass year my "ever so loving" Christian mother tells me to get out. Needless to say I am really not shocked.She is so fucking resentful that it's absolutely poisoning to be around here in this home and living couch to couch is easier.She claimed "I will regret it" Well, what's my part? I am praying for release from my new Hell.Being back around this is a trigger.Her poisoning words inflict and I am not willing to tolerate it another Day longer.Im done.God is working with me and He is in Charge.My Mom can go check with him about herself because I have to worry about Me and my Girls.Wish me luck cause the cards are stacked and much of the time it's an Evil trap up.This time it's just time I carry on.Tuesdays Gone- Skynyrd.