Saturday, January 18, 2014


My name is k.lloyd and i am an addict/alcoholic.THese past few 24 hrs have been rough indeed.I made a choice when i was in Georgia and hit an Emotional Bottom quickly after walking away from AA and my long term Recovery support team and program to get back on opiate assisted treatment called Methadone.It is a drug for sure.It seemed the right solution at a time when i was struggling to get back on track after Relapsing when my pink cloud burst.I got into a relationship too soon for sure as well.Although now engaged to this woman it was a troubling time and i have been still suffering the repercussions of my decisions and desire to have an easier softer way.I am now quickly decreasing my amount of Methadone medication for 2 reasons.One is im going to Europe to tour in early April.Two is i dont wanna be on it but the truth is i feel im doing this too rapidly.Mental Health inpatient is whom brought me down so quickly.I am not fighting or disputing their decision.I cant go back up if im going to complete a mini tour of k.lloyd opening for Joe Buck Yourself.Roadburn is a given but i also must complete a changeover to a medicine called Subutex to be able to get through this upcoming April tour.Buzzov-en and k.lloyd both are going to be great shows and i am excited to unleash my new k.lloyd songs upon a hungry crowd as well as turn the faucet on high with buzzov-en.It has been a difficult path but with help from good friends like Jeff Clayton(Antiseen),Scott Kelly(Neurosis) and Walter Roadburn i believe in this trip coming.I believe in myself.My wife(GF)Simerly has been a saving Grace throughout all of this and of whom i would like to thank most of all for her patience and willingness to LOve the Man that is Rev.Dirtkicker aka: k.lloyd aka Kirk.My Mom too.Without these 2 women whom knows where or what state of mind i would be?Im no sure but i do know im still en los manos del dios.