Thursday, November 14, 2013

My New Path :Cvlt Nation

So i have been so much in a tailspin of sorts that i have yet to decide what i was going to do as my initial article for Cvlt Nation.
I do know that after some very positive and frequent exchanges of many words and ideas then good folks of this great online Web zine gave me the thumbs up on doing an article and possibly recurring article about Addiction/ Recovery or whatever i would like.They also mentioned and asked if i would be interested in writing about my perspective on the music scene and how its changed and what my views on that and what it was like back in the "Good ole days" of punk rock.I of course didnt want to come out speaking like in was a recovery Guru(which im sure that my credibility would show no one gave a shit or wanted to hear me speaking about a better way of living even though the ones that condemn be for being human are more than likely the ones in desperate need of help but are just to sick and lost to see.I know im capable of becoming lost and see little of the Truth and Reality of many situations when i stop picking up tools of my survival and defense as well as my tools to nurture.For rhe record though after much thought and never really a complete solid feeling of that i was really wanting to even do it,i decided to pick up where i left off with My New Path.Previously a few 24 hrs ago i was writing this on no set deadline or timeline,it was more like a journal and i mostly kept the focus on myself and im sure bitched about a little of this and a little of that but never really tried to point any fingers or act is if i really know anything much more than the next person dealing with this dreadful disease called Addiction.My thoughts of the 4-5 people who wrote me and voiced merely how much my attempting to stay clean and set out on this path of change was helping them just knowing my past dealings with being a very forward an openly blatant hopeless addict that the things i shared and openly wrote about with no concern for the ridicule that i know awaits me or concern for judgement.I have been through so many trials and what i call walking into Hostile Territory not knowing it even was untill met with seemingly irrational and sick people that i know one major thing has been ringing in my head.For a good 14-15 years or more ive been in and out of the 12 step programs and Detox/ Rehab Centers of a few different states and one older guy in Charlotte,NC whom im thinking has passed on would say to me   " your gonna think yourself right up outta here kirk."and i would understand what he meant but have little control over it continuing to happen.My biggest realization over these past few weeks has been one of increased awareness and ability to understand what Has happened.I have always heard the term or slogan about how the Disease was cunning,baffling and POWERFUL.Well rest assured my recent as well as initial expierence getting really on board with change and Recovery as best as i can.As i write this me and my common law Wife(Simerly) have just tonight fully realised and ingested that tomorrow we must do what we must do and thats have our amazing and sweet Pitbull Dollar Bill put down.I feel that so much has come my way negative and that i handled much of it rather poorly but My Faith and belief in GOD has grown even stronger.My Faith alone has been tested over and over non stop and i have a good idea what Gods purpose was.I know this though:
"As i walk through the valley of THE SHADOW of Death.I will fear no Evil but i must stay aware and alert of this Evil.This disease that is terminal in this old Junkie, will rob me of my sanity,loved ones and MY LIFE.It is cunning baffling and Very POWERFUL.There is no middle ground and being willing and wanting to do some buzzoven shows is most definitely Hostile Territory and the Devil is among us.I am going to do my best to stay vigilant and work hard on myself so that i can feel more assured that im not diving straight into the flaming pits of Hell itself.I merely want to live and be happy because as i have grown up some so late in life i do realize that life is short and each breath i take in is a gift.A gift of life that this Addict should always be grateful NO MATTER WHAT.To GOD that is.I will walk into the fire if only one could make it out that was previously being burnt to a crisp and was hopeless.Let me testify to this.There is no hopeless.If you are sucking air and breathing you still have a chance.It has been a hard and bumpy road and im amazed still i got through even a fraction of the insanity that goes with active using and drunkeness.My Faith in God  and myself is back where its growing and i know this:I will not allow those fucking Demons rob me of my everything.I am going with all intent of good but aware of what each day i will face.Cunning,baffling and POWERFUL.The Devil is tricky and my disease will take my life.Without my my shield and sword i stand no chance and making it stronger is my sole purpose so that life in Peace will bring forth Victory and my disease will feel defeat.For once i wished for Death but know wish for Life.I am fully aware that each day clean is a victory but Faith Without Works is Dead.  -Kirk/ k.lloyd/ dirtkicker

Monday, October 28, 2013

St. Vitus at The Earl East Atlanta

So last Wednesday i went to see the Mighty St.Vitus.When i arrived i quickly found Mr.Henry Vasquez and commenced to a big ass bear hug and met his lovely new companion.They were tending to the array of Merchandise that St. Vitus has and there was plenty of it. As i ventured backstage i ran into Clyde whom iv e known for some time now and was suprised to find him doing tech work for Henry but that is a great thing.Suprised that he wasnt playing.The Hookers were slaughtering the small crowd of people and it was hard to hear much in discussion backstage.Spoke to the Zoroaster crew and just had some general loose banter.They are some solid guys.Friendly and super approachable. I went back out to the car to put my items i had bought and also get rid of my heavy jacket.Henry tossed me a bad ass St.V hoodie he was wearing and it was right on time.Thanks bro.Wear it proudly i will. Approaching the front of the venue i noticed Dave Chandler standing out front and immediately walked up and introduced myself.We had played with Vitus many years before at Tilt in NY which was the showcase that got Roadrunner interested as well as some other labels.They had another singer but also had their original drummer.Out of the dozen or so times i have seen Dave Chandler in New Orleans or with Vitus we never spoke.So we had a great conversation and i gained a definite respect for him and he shared his experience with Europe and touring over there etc.... The show was great.Zoroaster were loud as fuck and definitely have a bit of a different sound since i had last seen them with Brent still on bass.That was when they opened for buzzov-en at the Tremont in Charlotte a few years back.Anyway Vitus played a great set. My favorite "I bleed Black" was dead on point.They were pretty on it and actually displayed a reasonable amount of energy being in their mid 50's. Shoot im 44 and am worried about being able to make it through even 4-5 songs live.Very exhausting.So toSt.Vitus,Zoroaster and The Hookers thanks for a great night and  hope the great bands and shows continue.Im on fire again for all things Heavy and more!  Hell Yeah!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Holy Mountain Printing is now carrying officially licensed buzzov-en merchandise.

Sleep - Dopesmoker-Entire REcord. Matt Pike Special

This is an excellent video of only Sound.......Get it?No this is the full version of Dopesmoker by the mighty Sleep.We shared thr stage on a few occasions with Matt,Al and Chris.Check this out,especially if you never have.HEAVY AS YOUR MAMAS ASS!!!

Come Healing - Leonard Cohen | Sons of Anarchy | Season 6

This video is only music but its of a very moving and mellow Leonard Cohen song that is really awesome.Listen to it!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Forgotten songs: K Lloyd - Solow (2010) Old Review

Forgotten songs: K Lloyd - Solow (2010): Repost of this album with new pictures of the cover sleeves. Moreover, you didn't notice enough how great it is. I wrote initially thi...

MercerRock: Posters and More

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

R.I.P. Mike Boone:Another Close Friend Passes Away

Yeah i dont have a whole lot to say.I like what Mike Williams (EHG) said to me recently "it stinks of death everywhere and im fucking sick of it....."  I think that sums it up well.I am so saddened that both Mike and Joey were great guys and never really harmed or hurt anyone.They both had lovely daughters whom are without a father now.It just sucks when this happens to someone whom is in reasonably good health and is obviously too young to die.I especially feel bad for others i know who are experiencing a great deal of emotional pain from their loss of such a close friend.I wish i could ease their pain somehow but i cant.I offered to help out with getting things accomplished with raising some funds for Mikes family as they will have expenses that they were not expecting and one great thing about the underground music community is we pull together and help out those whom need help or maybe dont need it or havent even asked for help it just seems right to do.Knowing that the well being of especially a child whom just lost their parent,well its going to take money to support them still and even just a little to help through the initial shock of their parents death goes a long way.I have said a few things to other of my closest friends and im going to repeat myself here.We are all getting older by each day that passes.I know that my 44 year old body doesnt feel the same as it used too.Im also trying and being more aware of what i put my body through daily and also what i dont/do consume into my system.Its no secret that i am an Addict.I have struggled with addiction for many years now.There have been many times i should have died for sure.I know though that if i try and do those things i used to do that the odds of it killing me or impairing me permanently are much greater now than when i was younger. My point being that even though im almost for sure that Mike was not doing drugs nor am I saying that his death was anything even remotely caused by Alcohol.iIts just that as we all from the earlier days of playing and being involved in the Heavy/Sludge/Doom/Metal or whatever label you wanna put on it music scene get up in our mid 40s there are going to be some of us pass away from various ailments or suprise type incidents whether its a heart attack or a car crash its gonna suck and be hard to deal with.My own mission is to treat my body a bit better.For me im not putting mind and mood altering chemicals in it any longer but im eating coffee cake at 2 am as I type this.I have been eating way too much and though better than the drugs still not healthy.A pack of Marlboros a day, little exercise and eating cheeseburgers and cake are not going to ensure a long happy  life. I guess im just worried at least for me that im gonna pass too soon but really every day is borrowed time because the way I was livin and running wild I should have been dead long ago.Mike Boone you were loved.Your Wilmington family has shown am incredible amount of unity in the shadow of your untimely death.I guess I find the beauty in  the fact that so much good has come from horrible pain, sadness and loss. It has shown how a small southern coastal community takes care of and honors their own. Mike Boone you were loved and you are missed.I am just thankful for the fact that for a short time in my life I also called Wilmington NC my home and one guy whom was always around and helped my life and greeted me with a hug and a smile no matter what I had done or was going through you would  lend an ear or even buy me a beer.Mike if I can live out my remaining days and just be half as kind and caring as you were All The Time I will feel I have become a better man.Rest In Peace Old Friend.See ya on the other side!      :*)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Buzzov*en interview by Chris Ayers from 2010. Buzz*en -

Friday, October 4, 2013

k.lloyd cd cover

buzzov*en "....At A Loss" CDs

I wanted to let everyone know that this cd is on its last little amount.I have a handful for sale through my webstore.  . It is with great dissapointment that it will be out of print and is out of print at this time.Hopefully in the near future though it will be reissued on vinyl again at least.But if you dont have a copy and want one i suggest grabbing one from the buzzoven store.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sound Bites: Antiversary Part 4: Buzzov.en remembers Antiseen

Sound Bites: Antiversary Part 4: Buzzov.en remembers Antiseen: Charlotte's Antiseen celebrates its 30th Antiversary Friday and Saturday at Tremont Music Hall.  Each day this week I’ve asked someon...

Monday, September 30, 2013



buzzoven - Maryland Deth Fest

                                                                                   So im attempting to load this cause i think its good footage of this show.At least i can see i was still awake for the first two songs.This was one weekend i want to forget.It will all be told soon.Ive got almost a whole chapter of the book im working on dedicated to my antics this weekend.The rest of the band left after we played on Thursday night.They rolled out at like 11 am in think and i stayed on the floor in Scott Bryants Motel Room.We only had our two rooms for the night of the show.Neurosis and C.O.C played on that Friday night both playing great sets.Kylesa played a good one as well.I believe Nuclear Assault was one of the rowdiest for crowd reaction.I was around some at the fest but i spent equal or more time in some areas of Baltimore that its a miracle i didnt get murdered carrying wads of cash and dropping it all the time.Well it was what it was.I made it out alive and im never going down those back alleys and into those abandoned buildings ever again.Damn the memories of it are so clear.  :(

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Got A Store Site Up Now: Link Below

So i got the start of a small store to sell certain special items of interest.Go check it out.More will be added soon.Including a Limited Edition series of old shirts or even new ones that i only want to do one run of.Also cds,backpatches,and whatever else i decide to do.You can still get other merchandise for buzzov.en and k.lloyd at

Ive been hard at work trying to do some of this web stuff but im going to have to take a step back for a bit.I will be announcing a few things very soon.One being info for the bands that recorded tracks for "Unfit To Consume" a tribute to buzzov,en. Details are being ironed out at this time.If you submitted a song and still have a master i would say get a copy together that can be mailed.As i said information on the project will be coming soon from all buzzov.en pages and Tone Deaf Touring as well.

Its not anything great yet but it gives ya'all a chance to get some items directly from us the artist.I have been trying to decide whether its worth it to get a fullfledged website built and its just a hard thing to figure.I am pretty slow at doing all this online applications but im being forced to deal with it because of selling Vintage Items online through my personal online store im building.So doing all the buzzov.en sites will really have to second chair.Ive got a couple of close friends whom i believe are willing to help out so i will probably pass the torch soon.Anyway thanks everyone for your support and interest.Alot of things in the works so hopefully there will be a reason your paying attention at all.  Time to wrap this shit up.Oh wait i have to Tweet too.So freaking ridiculous.Ughhhhh..........    Bye Bye-kirk lloyd

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) :I Never Saw This Interview

Randy Blythe:buzzoven roadie 

     When buzzoven moved from Charlotte to Richmond Virginia we had a large group of various characters we hung out with.That was the main reason for the move.We were literally unwelcome by most venues in Charlotte usually on account of my blackout drunk episodes.Richmond seemed to be a town full of people just a little more over the top and crazy like we were.I remember first meeting Randy at the warehouse space we rented and lived in across from The Metro.Im pretty sure Brian met him and had brought him over.His band Burn The Priest was good but a little more on the metal side at the time wasnt what i really was into.In all fairness i never really gave them much of a listen.My loss for sure.Later on in our time living in Richmond i shared a small shitty apartment in the Fan area on Grace St. Pat Vigil who was also our roadie and backup singer would sit on the front porch with Randy and they would get hammered drunk and harrass the passerbys wit some sort of shenanigans.Once they had a weelchair and Pat would push Randy and they would act like he tipped the wheelchair over and passing cars would stop and jump out to help.They were always up to some kind of mischief.Randy came on some tours with us but usually would jump ship after a few shows to go train hopping.I have an assortment of storys but i will save them for another time.I have alot of respect for Randy.Hes a damn good guy and he is an incredible artist.He has definately come a long way from those days drinking on the porch.Im glad that he was able to get that crap he was charged with dismissed.He is the type of guy who helps people out when he can.Anyway heres to Randy Blythe and his days loading gear for Buzzoven.So maybe he could give me a job now to return the favor.Hahaha.......Just kidding.Go check this interview out its a great one.                                                    

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Forgotten songs: K Lloyd - Solow (2010)

Forgotten songs: K Lloyd - Solow (2010): Repost of this album with new pictures of the cover sleeves. Moreover, you didn't notice enough how great it is. I wrote initially thi... This is an older review of my initial release of "solow".  It is going to be available again very soon direct from the artist-Me!  It will be the first in a series of releases that I will be self releasing and packaging. Will have more info soon........   kirk lloyd

Tribute to Buzzoven comp.:Unfit to Consume

From Cymera. So this is 2 cds of covers of buzzoven songs by various bands.Kylesa and Church of Misery.Duktalon and countless others.Can the bands email me that did a song and possibly get me another master copy? I wasnt going to get involved w it but its a shame these bands spent their own cash to record only to get shit on by sleeping village record label joke Matt King.I Apologize for this happening.He fucked me as well never distributing my k.lloyd "solow" cd and never allowing me to get the would be great for this to get released.Some label has to be willing.Anyway heres a loud FUCK YOU to Matt King!!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Radok:My Friend

                       Chris Radok: My Friend

       So i was checking out some photos from the recent RadokFest in Charlotte at The Tremont Club and saw that they now had a website for Chris's photos and some of the shows etc...they have had since his murder.Im di ssapointed that i dont have more to do with some of things regarding his body of work.I cant even count the many times i sat up untill all hours of the night while Chris ran through countless slides of older photos and current ones as well.We used to joke that he probably had more pictures of me passed out drunk in the Oakland house than any other subject in all of his photos.After buzzoven relocated to Richmond Va. i remained in contact with Chris and we always visited him at the 609 Oakland house which became Jeff Claytons home for his family.Chris remained in the house as Jeffs familys roommate.We had some interesting moments in these visits especially one time when GG Allin and his band were there at exactly the same time.I dont believe we actually spent the night on that visit but i vividly remember Chris taking some new promo shots of us(buzzoven),He also took one photo of GG holding Carrie(Jeffs infant daughter) and i joked that Carrie would probably slap the shit out of her Dad for letting GG Allin hold his daughter.GG was suprisingly very respectful and mild mannered.Nothing like you would think he would be
 buzzoven continued on its relentless and destructive path,my only interaction with Chris was when he usually attended a show in one of the cities within a reasonable drive from Charlotte.I always maintained phone contact with him though and its easy for me to say i kept Chris in the loop always on what was next for buzzoven.When he got to whatever venue in cities like Atlanta,Chapel Hill,Winston Salem and Richmond just to name a few i usually had my time that me and Chris went to his VW van and while he fiddled and set up his gear to shoot photos we had some of what for me was my deepest and most serious conversations which much of the time were regarding my rapidly increasing usage of illegal substances.Chris was one person i knew would give it to me straight and let me know his true opinion and not sugar coat a fucking thing.He also was one i could trust to tell my deepest feelings regarding such subjects and would not be judged or ridiculed.He was what for me i always thought a big brother would be.Im not even going into the years before when we lived together the many things he did for me and was the person i would call when most would hang up the phone after the first word usually because of what these calls were regarding usually.Which for the most part were me needing help because i had fucked up.Thats the most general way i can say what includes a numerous amount of variations on troubled situations usually resulting from a night of being blacked out from excessive alcohol consumption.Back to what i was talking about.Chris was the one person i could confide in and know it would not be brought back up in any way,shape or form.He was probably the first person i broke down and admitted i was way out of control with my use of heroin and feared dying from it.In the years to come Chris was always the first and sometimes only person i contacted when i was in Charlotte for any stretch of time.Sad to say but i usually was in Charlotte to attend some sort of recovery related establishment.Over the last few years i was in reasonably close contact with Chris we talked in depth about putting together a book about 609 Oakland Ave.We had planned to both write bits and pieces about the main events that occured at or around the house but more importantly the

inhabitants of the house.When Fred Hutchinson and i parted ways doing Sewer Puppet was when the house saw its most varied and busy activity regarding music being played within its walls.I was developing buzzoven and i believe Fred had Boil going on.Sadly it was a tense time between Fred and i but was a time i think when there was a huge variety in visitors and different musicians.I have yet to speak with the people who are in charge of Chris's body of work but its becoming something i feel is a good time to do this project that i think would have Chris's involvement and blessing.It will not be something that is about boosting any one person or bands career but simply a glimpse into the heart of a house full of music lovers who were a huge part of underground music in Charlotte and the southeast.If we could show the house from when Morbid Angel called it home all the way through the Sewer Puppet,buzzoven and boil days.Then ending with the years of it being the Antiseen compound and Clayton family home i believe it could give people today a glimpse into what these people,bands and fans alike were like during this exciting time in underground,punk rock music in Charlotte and the entire U.S.!
    I plan to put together a plan and execute it in the coming weeks.I will probably use one of the fund raising sites with a pre order option type thing as to keep the project fully independent.I really want to do this and its been heavy on my heart to do it as i believe Chris and i would have made it happen if he were still alive.Im hoping to get the support of his trustees and also the help of the other key figures who would have to write about the time frames that i was not a part of the house as a resident.This is something that i believe would nurture the interest and acknowledgement Chris Radok so deserves for his input and support of underground music and those of us that were so blessed to have him in our personal day to day lives.I hope im not stepping on any toes here bringing my hopes for this project to the public first.It just came over me to get the ball rolling.I am making a personal commitment to this and i hope those closest to me will support and help push me to not procrastinate even another day.I miss my friend.I want to do this for him,myself and those that love underground music.Its time to get to work and make this happen.Thanks for your time and i love you all!

                                                                                                 Thank You,K.L.F.  ;)


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dollar Bill :A Gentle Pitbull Fighting Cancer

  Well its been quite a few months since Dollar Bill had his initial diagnosis of Cancer and hes doing suprisingly well.He has started to be a bit more disoriented and he sleeps for most of the day but when his Mama(Simerly) has a few minutes to spend w him he livens right up.He is so gentle and sweet its been tough watching him struggle.He seems to be losing muscle mass as he sometimes cannot get a grip on the floor to stand up.He has to be helped up to his feet and relocated to carpet or something easier to get a grip with his paws.I hope we have many more days to enjoy this amazing dog and his loving food obsessed spirit.On the flipside i hope that God gives Simerly and i the strength to let go and do what is necessary to be humane and sensible if his quality of life becomes poor.He is such an integral part of every day here that i have no idea what ir will be like after he has passed,Thats besides the point of whats important.I will do my best to comfort him and make his days stress free and comfortable.My fear of the pitbull breed has been replaced with a love for these dogs and especially Mr.Bilbers who has definately shed light on how i must be more patient and understanding of dogs and their quirks as well as enjoyable attributes.He never makes me mad usually but when he hijacks my breakfast carry out i got a bit peeved.Oh well it could be worse.Dollar Bill your a trooper and i hope you can continue to barge ahead a day at a time.You can always count on me for a couple slabs of bacon and the last bite of my cheeseburger.Yummy.We love you Bilbo Baggins.  :)                                    

Gathered In Their Masses (Teaser) - Black Sabbath Live DVD

This is the teaser for the upcoming Sabbath DVD.It looks like it could be promising.Im of the opinion that their new album "13" is actually a damn good record.The people who seem to think it sucks or its just notv up to par with earlier Sabbath have their head completely inserted into their asshole.When they decide to remove it maybe then they will hear with newly unclogged ears and realise the excellence that this album trully is.It has seen more rotation in my cars cd player and amongst my top choice for full a nice spin of sounds on the homefront.I give this album a 9 out of 10 stars.Listen to it LOUDLY!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Im fucking Stupid!!

You know ive recently been trying to change and improvise my blog page and other things i do on my phone and newly purchased chromebook and man i just feel like ive been left in the dust when it comes to settings and apps and blah,blah, blah.Its so easy to my girlfriends 2 teenage sons but its like open heart surgery for my dumb ass. Well i will just keep opening up various things and hitting buttons and clicking on things that will probably erase everything but at least ill accomplish something by pure trial and error.Mostly error.Ha.Fuck IT!!!