Sunday, September 29, 2013

Got A Store Site Up Now: Link Below

So i got the start of a small store to sell certain special items of interest.Go check it out.More will be added soon.Including a Limited Edition series of old shirts or even new ones that i only want to do one run of.Also cds,backpatches,and whatever else i decide to do.You can still get other merchandise for buzzov.en and k.lloyd at

Ive been hard at work trying to do some of this web stuff but im going to have to take a step back for a bit.I will be announcing a few things very soon.One being info for the bands that recorded tracks for "Unfit To Consume" a tribute to buzzov,en. Details are being ironed out at this time.If you submitted a song and still have a master i would say get a copy together that can be mailed.As i said information on the project will be coming soon from all buzzov.en pages and Tone Deaf Touring as well.

Its not anything great yet but it gives ya'all a chance to get some items directly from us the artist.I have been trying to decide whether its worth it to get a fullfledged website built and its just a hard thing to figure.I am pretty slow at doing all this online applications but im being forced to deal with it because of selling Vintage Items online through my personal online store im building.So doing all the buzzov.en sites will really have to second chair.Ive got a couple of close friends whom i believe are willing to help out so i will probably pass the torch soon.Anyway thanks everyone for your support and interest.Alot of things in the works so hopefully there will be a reason your paying attention at all.  Time to wrap this shit up.Oh wait i have to Tweet too.So freaking ridiculous.Ughhhhh..........    Bye Bye-kirk lloyd