Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dollar Bill :A Gentle Pitbull Fighting Cancer

  Well its been quite a few months since Dollar Bill had his initial diagnosis of Cancer and hes doing suprisingly well.He has started to be a bit more disoriented and he sleeps for most of the day but when his Mama(Simerly) has a few minutes to spend w him he livens right up.He is so gentle and sweet its been tough watching him struggle.He seems to be losing muscle mass as he sometimes cannot get a grip on the floor to stand up.He has to be helped up to his feet and relocated to carpet or something easier to get a grip with his paws.I hope we have many more days to enjoy this amazing dog and his loving food obsessed spirit.On the flipside i hope that God gives Simerly and i the strength to let go and do what is necessary to be humane and sensible if his quality of life becomes poor.He is such an integral part of every day here that i have no idea what ir will be like after he has passed,Thats besides the point of whats important.I will do my best to comfort him and make his days stress free and comfortable.My fear of the pitbull breed has been replaced with a love for these dogs and especially Mr.Bilbers who has definately shed light on how i must be more patient and understanding of dogs and their quirks as well as enjoyable attributes.He never makes me mad usually but when he hijacks my breakfast carry out i got a bit peeved.Oh well it could be worse.Dollar Bill your a trooper and i hope you can continue to barge ahead a day at a time.You can always count on me for a couple slabs of bacon and the last bite of my cheeseburger.Yummy.We love you Bilbo Baggins.  :)