Monday, September 30, 2013

buzzoven - Maryland Deth Fest

                                                                                   So im attempting to load this cause i think its good footage of this show.At least i can see i was still awake for the first two songs.This was one weekend i want to forget.It will all be told soon.Ive got almost a whole chapter of the book im working on dedicated to my antics this weekend.The rest of the band left after we played on Thursday night.They rolled out at like 11 am in think and i stayed on the floor in Scott Bryants Motel Room.We only had our two rooms for the night of the show.Neurosis and C.O.C played on that Friday night both playing great sets.Kylesa played a good one as well.I believe Nuclear Assault was one of the rowdiest for crowd reaction.I was around some at the fest but i spent equal or more time in some areas of Baltimore that its a miracle i didnt get murdered carrying wads of cash and dropping it all the time.Well it was what it was.I made it out alive and im never going down those back alleys and into those abandoned buildings ever again.Damn the memories of it are so clear.  :(