Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) :I Never Saw This Interview

Randy Blythe:buzzoven roadie 

     When buzzoven moved from Charlotte to Richmond Virginia we had a large group of various characters we hung out with.That was the main reason for the move.We were literally unwelcome by most venues in Charlotte usually on account of my blackout drunk episodes.Richmond seemed to be a town full of people just a little more over the top and crazy like we were.I remember first meeting Randy at the warehouse space we rented and lived in across from The Metro.Im pretty sure Brian met him and had brought him over.His band Burn The Priest was good but a little more on the metal side at the time wasnt what i really was into.In all fairness i never really gave them much of a listen.My loss for sure.Later on in our time living in Richmond i shared a small shitty apartment in the Fan area on Grace St. Pat Vigil who was also our roadie and backup singer would sit on the front porch with Randy and they would get hammered drunk and harrass the passerbys wit some sort of shenanigans.Once they had a weelchair and Pat would push Randy and they would act like he tipped the wheelchair over and passing cars would stop and jump out to help.They were always up to some kind of mischief.Randy came on some tours with us but usually would jump ship after a few shows to go train hopping.I have an assortment of storys but i will save them for another time.I have alot of respect for Randy.Hes a damn good guy and he is an incredible artist.He has definately come a long way from those days drinking on the porch.Im glad that he was able to get that crap he was charged with dismissed.He is the type of guy who helps people out when he can.Anyway heres to Randy Blythe and his days loading gear for Buzzoven.So maybe he could give me a job now to return the favor.Hahaha.......Just kidding.Go check this interview out its a great one.