Wednesday, October 9, 2013

R.I.P. Mike Boone:Another Close Friend Passes Away

Yeah i dont have a whole lot to say.I like what Mike Williams (EHG) said to me recently "it stinks of death everywhere and im fucking sick of it....."  I think that sums it up well.I am so saddened that both Mike and Joey were great guys and never really harmed or hurt anyone.They both had lovely daughters whom are without a father now.It just sucks when this happens to someone whom is in reasonably good health and is obviously too young to die.I especially feel bad for others i know who are experiencing a great deal of emotional pain from their loss of such a close friend.I wish i could ease their pain somehow but i cant.I offered to help out with getting things accomplished with raising some funds for Mikes family as they will have expenses that they were not expecting and one great thing about the underground music community is we pull together and help out those whom need help or maybe dont need it or havent even asked for help it just seems right to do.Knowing that the well being of especially a child whom just lost their parent,well its going to take money to support them still and even just a little to help through the initial shock of their parents death goes a long way.I have said a few things to other of my closest friends and im going to repeat myself here.We are all getting older by each day that passes.I know that my 44 year old body doesnt feel the same as it used too.Im also trying and being more aware of what i put my body through daily and also what i dont/do consume into my system.Its no secret that i am an Addict.I have struggled with addiction for many years now.There have been many times i should have died for sure.I know though that if i try and do those things i used to do that the odds of it killing me or impairing me permanently are much greater now than when i was younger. My point being that even though im almost for sure that Mike was not doing drugs nor am I saying that his death was anything even remotely caused by Alcohol.iIts just that as we all from the earlier days of playing and being involved in the Heavy/Sludge/Doom/Metal or whatever label you wanna put on it music scene get up in our mid 40s there are going to be some of us pass away from various ailments or suprise type incidents whether its a heart attack or a car crash its gonna suck and be hard to deal with.My own mission is to treat my body a bit better.For me im not putting mind and mood altering chemicals in it any longer but im eating coffee cake at 2 am as I type this.I have been eating way too much and though better than the drugs still not healthy.A pack of Marlboros a day, little exercise and eating cheeseburgers and cake are not going to ensure a long happy  life. I guess im just worried at least for me that im gonna pass too soon but really every day is borrowed time because the way I was livin and running wild I should have been dead long ago.Mike Boone you were loved.Your Wilmington family has shown am incredible amount of unity in the shadow of your untimely death.I guess I find the beauty in  the fact that so much good has come from horrible pain, sadness and loss. It has shown how a small southern coastal community takes care of and honors their own. Mike Boone you were loved and you are missed.I am just thankful for the fact that for a short time in my life I also called Wilmington NC my home and one guy whom was always around and helped my life and greeted me with a hug and a smile no matter what I had done or was going through you would  lend an ear or even buy me a beer.Mike if I can live out my remaining days and just be half as kind and caring as you were All The Time I will feel I have become a better man.Rest In Peace Old Friend.See ya on the other side!      :*)