Monday, October 28, 2013

St. Vitus at The Earl East Atlanta

So last Wednesday i went to see the Mighty St.Vitus.When i arrived i quickly found Mr.Henry Vasquez and commenced to a big ass bear hug and met his lovely new companion.They were tending to the array of Merchandise that St. Vitus has and there was plenty of it. As i ventured backstage i ran into Clyde whom iv e known for some time now and was suprised to find him doing tech work for Henry but that is a great thing.Suprised that he wasnt playing.The Hookers were slaughtering the small crowd of people and it was hard to hear much in discussion backstage.Spoke to the Zoroaster crew and just had some general loose banter.They are some solid guys.Friendly and super approachable. I went back out to the car to put my items i had bought and also get rid of my heavy jacket.Henry tossed me a bad ass St.V hoodie he was wearing and it was right on time.Thanks bro.Wear it proudly i will. Approaching the front of the venue i noticed Dave Chandler standing out front and immediately walked up and introduced myself.We had played with Vitus many years before at Tilt in NY which was the showcase that got Roadrunner interested as well as some other labels.They had another singer but also had their original drummer.Out of the dozen or so times i have seen Dave Chandler in New Orleans or with Vitus we never spoke.So we had a great conversation and i gained a definite respect for him and he shared his experience with Europe and touring over there etc.... The show was great.Zoroaster were loud as fuck and definitely have a bit of a different sound since i had last seen them with Brent still on bass.That was when they opened for buzzov-en at the Tremont in Charlotte a few years back.Anyway Vitus played a great set. My favorite "I bleed Black" was dead on point.They were pretty on it and actually displayed a reasonable amount of energy being in their mid 50's. Shoot im 44 and am worried about being able to make it through even 4-5 songs live.Very exhausting.So toSt.Vitus,Zoroaster and The Hookers thanks for a great night and  hope the great bands and shows continue.Im on fire again for all things Heavy and more!  Hell Yeah!