Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mental Health : Challenges of A Manic Reverend

So it has been a minute since i have wrote a My New Path article and just so many of you know,i am hard at work on my 3rd solo recording under the name + k.lloyd + aka Rev. Dirtkicker. We have so much going on over here at our new residence and home base back in Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC that its all overwhelming for myself to say the least.Im working on some new songs.Paintings.New woodworking jobs and dozens of constructive good things.There are so many positive projects i start on but u i have untreatreated ADHD because i am a Recovering Addict/ Alcoholic and cannot take Amphhetamines because of their destructive effect on my drug addled system and Allergic reaction to all mood and mind altering substances of ANY KIND! Some days i get very angry and bitter because of my inability to even enjoy a simple beer or a few addys etc.....but i am purely an Addict who wishes to Recover more than i desire to escape and or self-destruct today!Still makes staying clean and sober just a bit of a chore today! Anyway i have to get some rest right now.My apologies to those whom have not recieved their orders from Please coninue to Personal Message me as we work out our lost files etc....... Thanks, Kirk (DOC Music)