Monday, December 19, 2011

Music:old and new is freeing my soul!

So with access to the internet ive been tapping into new music and rediscovering the old that i love and its been helping me immensely.Ive realized once again that with a clear mind and with my spirit becoming stronger each day that my extreme love of music will continue.Ive escaped into music since i was a small child and its always helped me cope with my hurt,pain and emotions.Im hoping and praying that it will be a positive thing as i use it for therapeuitic means today.Outlaw country and the singers of grunge bands past is my preferred sounds but im being open minded as i close a chapter of my past and hope that god opens a door for the future.I became a person i hated in my many days in buzzov-en and i wore a mask that i see really wasnt me.It was mean and it was violent and i believe that was how i coped for whatever reason.Im soul searching and im getting ready to pick my acoustic back up and pursue my "solow" music as i called it.Good friends of mine helped me open the door to this new aspect of my creative flow,quite a few years back.T-roy Medlin(sour vein)and Jimmy Bower(Down,EHG) helped me record and supported me when i was not too confident and to those two im eternally grateful.I may never do buzzov-en again but who knows?I do believe God has some kind of plan for me though and im turning over to him the results.Im also grateful to the many friends and fans who have been pouring out their love and support to my new walk of life and struggle with addiction.Anyway im getting through the day.Thankful i can tap the soul with music.Its a gift not being in my pain and misery.So...............................we will see!