Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shut The Fuck Up!!!!

Okay Why the fuck do people go to shows then stand around and talk so loud that they cant even hear the music.The show in Richmond was in downtown Richmond and had a mix of people that id never expect to see at any show of k.lloyd or buzzoven.Anyway it went ok and the girl that opened was amazing.Super good voice and just really talented.Played a Skynyrd cover that was really good and made it her own fer sure.Everyone seemed to know her and her music and was into it,but when i went on didnt seem to enjoy my stuff as much.People were talking so loud that it was pissing me off and just wanted to tell them to get the fuck out.I did tell them to shut up when i was playing "in your devils time" which is a song written for my fallen brother Buddy Apostolis.They still wouldnt shut up.
Im hopin tonite here in Norfolk will be better.Its a club/restaraunt.Anyway it remains to be seen.Will let ya know!!