Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Out In South Carolina

Well ive been staying out in the boonies of S.Carolina for the past few weeks since coming back from the Buzzoven East coast tour and a few k.lloyd shows here and there.Anyway i must say the peace and serenity(as well as no known dealers)have made my struggle with staying sane while being more clean alot easier.One day as i rebuild my shattered life i hope to be able to have something like this to call my own as im only renting a spare room in someone elses house.Its so cool the quiet and just serene feeling that you this area of the country in the country exhudes.The only chaos and confusion is in my good ole brain but hey i have good days and bad days.For those of you who are just getting introduced to my blog i welcome you and want to say i usually have always been pretty out front and public with my being fucked up.Still am in the head but not even close in the abuse of substances anymore.This blog wont be strictly on this subject but it will be touched on many,many times im sure in the coming future as it has in the past.On that note not alot to say today accept its been an ok day and i hope that it continues that way.Anyway welcome to my page of meaningless ramblings and thoughts as well as road stories as my schedule is thickening again with both buzzov-en and k.lloyd in full swing.Wanted to come clean on the fact that i was a nervous wreck befor that first buzzov-en show in Charlotte after not performing anything but k.lloyd on occasions in 12 years.I must admit my balls grew back to normal and now their swinging.Lets just see if i can continue to build some healthy confidence.Sorry if some of this sound all self-help gay and shit but man ive put myself(and many around me)through absolut hell in the past days especially around buzzoven and im trying to become a better man,son and person so i guess get over it or call me sappy"i really dont give a fuck"Not lookin for attention just wanna share this stuff with those of you that can relate and tell that one person out there still in"HELL"that you can break free but it aint easy and its day to day.Ok imm gonna shut up.Later Ya'all!!kirklloyd