Monday, November 29, 2010

Drama and a little more DRAMA!!

Okay as i wrap up another weekend of k.lloyd shows i must say its hard to stay hopeful and feel that anyone is getting it.As well as the bullshit that goes hand in hand with being around old friends who dont get along or have some problem with each other.Im ready to get back to work on my new k.lloyd material and get into the studio.I mean their are so many people that i love and care about it and have history with but fuck i dont wanna deal with their bullshit and their conflicts with each other for whatever reason.Its not my bussiness or problem.Anyway without naming names etc....2 people who are close friends broke into near fight before i was about to play and man im like over all the bullshit.I just wanna play and not have this kind of crap to deal with and then others who were their with me who act as if im to cater to them and do nothing but bitch and stick their nose in at every turn of the clock....UUGGGGHHHHHHH>>>>>>>>>..........Somehow,someway this is going to get to a better place and i think with more touring and especially an actual new label deal things will get better.I love playing my solow stuff man and its challenging.Buzzoven is great too but its like riding a bike with the heavy stuff.Doin k.lloyd is like where my heart is and its real man.Yeah i have some off nights(like tonite)where im goin out of key alot and things just arent clickin but i also remember the vulnerbility of playing alone and just acoustic and vocals and remember ive slowly gotten a little better and its what i love.If some people get it cool.If not well...well oh well!!As for the friends that i have that continue to bring havok and seem to not get the fact that im doing a job and i just cant be a part of their drama nor can i get all stressed trying to be sure they are ok etc....untill later on.Also to everyone.This is all i have to make a living right now so FYI i cant afford to give away stuff.I mean i wish i could give everyone everything for free and especially my friends and former bandmates.As for the one person i cant wait to see if he rears his head out of his hole as buzzoven hits the west coast your a weak,ignorant,selfish and unimportant entity in my world and life but know i want MY Painting back!!!Your lies and backstabbing caught up with you even though you found yer little loophole and the third member of these matters has informed me of your obsession and your bold face lies.Not even sure why im wasting this space or thought on you.So i will not continue.
Thanks to all who came to the show here in Norfolk and In Richmond as well.See ya soon-kirklloyd