Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vagabond:Livin Town To Town

Well ive got k.lloyd shows in Va the 27 and 28 and a k.lloyd show in Wilmingto Dec.4 befor we rehearse and fly out to San Diego for the Buzzoven west coast tour.With no car i have to rely on Greyhound and Amtrak to get to these shows which sux sometimes but it also it adds to the adventure.Tryin to get k.lloyd known and hey if this is what it takes im totally willing to do it.I enjoy it but also enjoy the peace of bein settled.But needless to say as Buzzoven fulfills its busy 2011 touring schedule you can bet ill be out in the off time doin k.lloyd shows.Looks like i might open for EHG and Crowbar this dec.2 at the tremont here in Charlotte.So ya'all wish me luck and when i get access ill be puttin up daily updates of my road adventures from both Buzzoven and k.lloyd tours.Maybe their will be some interesting tales to tell.I have a feeling thats a definate.Anyway the Vagabond life is back and im excited to get out there as much as possible!!!Later ya'all!!!