Thursday, November 11, 2010

Balls Growing Bigger!!

I know a stupid title huh??Well its the only way i can describe the feeling of how it was AFTER we completed the first Buzzov-en show in Charlotte at The Tremont.I was so hemmed up backstage and nervous i was "wound up tighter than a ticks ass" my good buddy and Bassist Dixie Dave said.I guess the good thing about all of it is it shows myself how important it is to me that things went well and the crowd got what they came for.I mean i heard everything from people were placing bets that i wouldnt show up to we would sound like shit because we had not and would not rehearse etc....etc....and if nothing else i was ready to show those fucks whos back from the dead.Well you know what i mean.So needless to say after a long fucking day we got on stage in Charlotte and i think put on a pretty damn good show.