Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten

Guess i decided on this title as its my favorite song right now by one of my favorite new outlaws and good friend Shelton"Hank"Williams III.Just rolled into Richmond Va. at 8 am this mornin and its a beautiful day but i must admit passing through areas of my old stomping grounds was a little creepy and surreal.Thats where i feel this overwhelming feeling in my gut because of course by no fault of the town i just get this mental recall of the way i was living here and it was a dark,dark time in my life.But i also put it into perspective by remembering that all those events and times of darkness ans desperation are what made me the person i am today.A very good old friend of mine picked me up from the greyhound station and just the few hours hanging out and talking was really cool and helpful to getting there perspective on having to live in the middle of where they also led a pretty bleak existene.
Anyway my show is tonite and got some good budddys drivin over from Hampton VA.!When they arrive im sure the chaos will begin.Im glad im out here doin my solow thing as it is my lifes blood to play music and doing these solow acoustic shows are like startin all over with building a fan base etc...The diffrence is though that im out here travelin on my own and that is a little more,whats the word im looking for to desceibe it?),uneasy cause with buzzov-en i always had a pack of guys with me and we helped each other and had each other to fall back on or depend on no matter what.Well most of my crew were like that anyway.I miss those guys from the early buzzoven days(Mykull Davidson,Ashley w.,Pat Vigil,Buddy Apostolis[R.I.P.],Dennis Woolard.Dave"mohawk"Miranda,Matt Pinkerton and so on......)but doing this solow thing has really been a learning expierence and something ive pushed myself through with the help of some good friends to kick it off like Jimmy Bower and T-Roy.I honestly was ready to throw in the towell on music all together about 4 years back but doing my solow stuff started back when i was in Rehab in 1998 and it kept me goin and look at where things are now.Buzzoven is back in full swing and i believe after i get an official k.lloyd release i believe it will pick up as well.The drugs and the lifestyle tried to take my soul and even though for the most party they are GONE,They are definately not forgotten.Think im gonna take a walk down through ny old stomping ground and plug in my earphones and Jam this amazing tune by III."Gone But Not Forgotton"!!!!An awesome tune to feel and remember where i came from and where im at today.Thanks Shelton.Hope this Richmond show goes well.Im dedicating it to the memory of my former bandmate and friend Buddy Apoostolis who is gone but will NEVER be forgotten.Later ya'all.