Sunday, February 22, 2009

Have a drink on me!

As many know its mardis grai in NOLA right now and i wish i was there as many of my friends are.Buzzoven played Checkpoint Charlies for the first time in early 90s and me and the owner agreed that each year the sat.b4 Fat Tuesday would be buzzoven nite forever and i could book any bands we wanted and run the whole day and nite and we had some awesome shows each year.sour vein became a usual and after the final 98 show i believe in 99 it was billed for that nite as usual but Dixies other band weedeater showed up and didnt announce they werent buzzo..untill they started their set.Its my understanding that T~roy and sour vein as well as weedeater have kept the sat.night tradition going even 2 this day.I do miss bein there and its possible u might witness a reunion of sorts in 2010 of buzzoven at mardis gras as im also planning a k~lloyd and the disciples gig at another venue during mardis gras if everyones schedule permits.well have to wait and see. Ive had some amazing crazy times at mardis gras!