Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eternal Headache

This endless chatter of a family intertwined by the anger that holds its threads can sometimes drive an individual to a pulsating ache that sometimes seems to never cease.Your intention of helping is only turning you to a weave of the threads that are still a part of this entity.What should one do when they find themselves at odds with why they even try on a daily basis?At times it seems to ease but usually that can only be credited to a chemical altering the mood for only a moment that as always comes to a crashing end.What is the diagnosis?Should we ask a so called professional who was taught the solutions to OUR problems through a book at a school?Or is it that the problem isnt really a problem its just we need to accept it as our life and fate?I ponder on the things that seem to always drive me crazy as it seems just being awake can be such a continous challenge.Does the diagnosis match the true design of my sitiuation?Should i even be seeking a diagnosis as i am one who has an allergy to the treatments of these so called professionals.Maybe in the silence of the day i can find a lonely answer!The problem usually can be though that there never is a silence as the chaos and noise is forever an echo in my own head!Please give me a moment,just one hidden moment of peace!What does it mean?Why is life so mean?Or is it that i have still not learned to accept the ways of this lifes dealings?This day will end as another begins but it seems im still reaching for an accurate diagnosis to at least temporarily end the chaos in my head!