Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dont Let Love DIE!!

Im letting my mind and heart relax now.The development of a sitiuation that is based in total dysfunction is not a path to a healthy way of living and co-existing with ones you love.Love alone should be enough to conquer this virus in many american homes and familys but as the past has proven it is not enough.When you dont have anything sane and normal to build on why wouldnt one expect complete chaos and dysfunction??Please i ask you to open your mind and open your eyes to that beast that WILL destroy you!I will not stand by and cosign this virus of emotion.There is no try there is only DO!Oh please my god,come help me!COME HELP HER!!Please come help us to see what must be done.What can we change??I ask you Lord to open the minds and spirit of whom i speak and also open mine as im just as sick of those i seek!My higher power will have to guide these days and keep my Love out front because resentment,anger and shame will creep right through the vines of my mind and tweak every nerve till i lose all control and run deeper back inside.Oh my dear,my dear what will you find?Face it and i promise we will come out on a better side.Dont face it and that wonderous Love will surely DIE!!

I am with you,i am with you.i am right here by your side!As you venture back into what you must divide,conquer and rise,i'll be with you in spirit at least, cause your journey will not be mine.But also know that the path you take,if you tap your strength and no matter what do rise,will surely cross into my venture in this day to tap back into light!I do not claim that i have reached this place where we will meet,but i hope and pray that we both have the strength to face the pain that infects our otherwise sunny days!It can be done i know it can.If we really go forward into the sun i want you to know im with you as that pains increase
d.I do hope that this Love can survive.Its not warm in the lonely isolated mind.

Im resting now!Im hoping for HOPE to stay alive.Im praying as well.I do realize that a higher wisdom is what will have to guide us both to a better self awareness and the strength to not let this dysfunction take over and just copletely divide!Please oh Lord help me,help her and especially help us!!I want my Love to regain its shine!!!!!