Friday, February 13, 2009


It just seems like nothing is coming together these days!Besides lifes usual problems like no money to pay the rent or the power bill i just cant find a moment of peace to set down and play and write or enjoy my favorite pastime-MUSIC!My main acoustic is in the pawn shop and needs to be paid on to avoid loss of it.Which trust me i will not lose another chosen important gtr.Ive lost so many its pathetic.I try to stay positive and do the next right thing but damn its hard sometimes.The "solow" cd will be coming out soon on Sleeping Village Records but i really wanted to complete mixing all the songs i did in NOLA with Jimmy Bower,Earl and B.Patton but the funds to get down there just arent there and for this fact alone i feel like im failing.It will get done i know but i wanted that record to be the Debut release as they call it.But fuck it i am grateful that any of it will see the light of day.I know that if i would move to NOLA that this shit would have been done ages ago.I just felt that moving there wasnt in my best interest in regards to my own path staying sober!

Anyway i guess this is all me venting!!Not great reading material im sure but hey this is my blog and there is no set guideline and this is where im at!!If i went to many other areas of my life id sound like a whiny bitch and thats not me!!

Hopefully with persistence things will come together for my trip to NOLA to finish the work on "purepainblues"and its possible that a cd ep will come out soon of the 4-5 songs that are semi finished and mixed!!We will see.

I dont remember all of this stuff with planning etc.....being so difficult back in the buzzoven days but we also had a little more money to work with and i had some help from my bandmates and lets face facts,I was just a little HIGH!!!!!

So another day ill trudge forward and hopefully make some progress in getting things in order in my own house so that then ill be able to more fully approach and deal with these things.If im moving forward at all its a good thing!!RIGHT???