Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NOLA-Countrifried Blues!

Well this is less of a writing piece as its an update on new songs being written by myself and Jimmy Bower!!Weve put the k.lloyd stuff to the side and started work on our more country project that has no name yet.Weve got two songs demo'd calles "im gone" and "on the run" and their both great tunes written by Jim but lyrics by me!!Jimmys even doin some vocals that are soundin really good even though he doesnt think so!!Earl Jr.(The master of slide gtr) got here tonite and tomorrow were gonna have a marathon rehearsal of k.lloyd tunes to get ready for the two NOLA shows Thursday and friday!I wish i was closer so we could get together more and do this more often.once every 1-2 years just isnt enuff time.But im grateful for what time we do have!!Ill keep ya'all posted on the weeks developments fer sure!Later,kirklloyd