Friday, April 2, 2010

Adventures in Feeling True Emotion Again!

As i drift slowly back into life without being constantly NUMB its not been so easy but its definately becoming more tolerable and i still have no desire to return to complete personal hell!It is difficult removing certain things from your life though and even more difficult disconnecting from people you love but just really are not healthy to be around.Old habits are hard to break!!Ive become an employed member of society and even though it passes the hours and provides a little $$$ i remember why i took up touring and music to get away from this mundane day to day existence.Its whats best for now though i guess.
Sometime in late May ill be travelling to Wilmington to rehearse with Ramzi and "Dixie"Dave for upcoming buzzov-en shows this fall and needless to say im excited but also a little fearful of this upcoming venture.There is a struggle in me to pursue my old love and life of this band.Im not the same man i was for sure but i think maybe the rage and energy i had when i first started the band is where im back to in a way.Which is fine but i cannot and will not follow the path i took personally from the years being in buzzov-en.Im excited to play some heavy music again but its gonna be diffrent.I guess we will see where the new tunes take us.
But at the same time im continuing my love of acoustic/outlaw country,etc...with my k.lloyd venture.Ive got 2 songs me and Jimmy Bower and Earl Jr.did while i was in NOLA the last time that are really good and i think will come out under the name GATOR.Its The Disciples and i still have a full length record of all k.lloyd songs with those cats from NOLA backing me which gave my songs a much needed shot in the arm.HAHA.......!I lookl forward to getting back down there to do some more songs with those guys hopefully real soon.Its funny how so many cool things have happened and ive made some pretty decent music over these past years but not of it never really took flight.Hopefully after doing the buzzov-en shows this fall it will mnopen the door to get k.lloyd and Gator more out there and available for people to hear.Ill be doing more k.lloyd shows fer sure.
Well im planning to stay on this new path im on and hopefully ill find the time to get more into writing and also working on the book ive beenplanning of old road tales and i guess a memoir of sorts.I will certainly try as its something ive aalways loved but just like anything else its getting started on it most of the time thats difficult.But once i start ill do it and do more,and more,and more...........!!Untill next time Later,kirklloyd