Friday, May 1, 2009


Oh my god what have i done?
i sit in the hollow its behind my eyes
Each day that passes i wonder even why
why did i try to be honest with him and cry

The bitterness that followed said so much that
in silence the anger festered and an unknown
opinion that helped make up his mind.Give up,give up
i do believe his decision was to never really hold up
knowing the track record of a chronic junkie design.

You say my illness is deeper than that with which your willing
to deal with,help with or basically ever even shake hands with!
its funny how when things are goin well everyone will be a friend
but if it doesnt go smoothly their understanding clicks back to ZERO!

Well this i know and that is i still love youNo matter what you do
I will ALWAYS be here for you.But i forgot you seem to have it all
completely under control.Never say never cause i hope that day you
feel the monkey ridin shotgun and there is just no turnin back i want my hand
to be there or at least someone who can and is willing to hold on to
understand you,because i know from many more times there really is no
Im moving on into this new chapter of my life and im gonna fight my demons
I plan to love more and try to figure out how i can avoid just slamming into doors!!

My need to blleed remains but damn im runnin on empty.I know that they just
dont care about what happens in my ends.Surround myself with true friends and try
some diffrent approaches to dealing with myself.So far been un successful but tomorrow
is a new day and in the end i will remain always unforgiven!!