Thursday, January 22, 2009

Introduction Part11......

Well once again im starting on a project that has been ongoing since probably as early as 1998!!Around the same time i started playing acoustic and writing tunes on acoustic in rehab and a few other institutions,i made up my mind that id like to write a memoir of sorts to channel some of my feelings,thoughts and emotion through a diffrent avenue than music.As with many of the songs written over these past 10-12 years,many of my writings and journals are long gone.
I was led to this site through keeping up with a long time friend and kindred spirits music and art.I realized that this would be the best place for me to introduce some of these writings as well as current works.Im not a writer and dont claim to be but i feel this is a great place to start this and give others an oppurtunity to view it and love or hate it!I became quickly overwhelmed with the prospect of completing works to fill an entire book so maybe piece by piece one day i can reach that goal.

I plan to write and include many things:journal excerpts past and present,stories from touring with Buzzoven,war stories,whatever im inspired to share!

The title of the blog was what i had origannally planned to call the memoir and is actually a lyric from a song by Steve Von Till.I feel no other title is more appropriate.

As i dig through old storage boxes i plan to put old journal entries from my life when i was totally controlled by my disease!I just want it understood that none of this is an endorsement of that life or a suggestion that their was any reward to the inner hell,loss and pain that addiction brings!Trust me when i say if you live those are your rewards!My intention is neither to glorify my years of abuse nor to judge it.Its simply to give anyone thats interested a little insight into my struggles,triumphs and life dedicated wholeheartadly to music but overtaken by Addiction!

So anyway i hope that anyone that takes a look finds something they relate to or just enjoy!If not i know that this will help me as i continue to find my way back a day at a time......
Take care,kirk lloyd