Saturday, January 21, 2017

Let Me Tell You This: The Past Ways Of Booking Shows,Promoting Your Band and Recording

          So here i am another day on "social media (Bleedia) " trying to figure out things like ,1.Setting up my YouTube to channel to generate some income that I've heard about alot of people doing. 2.Getting the connected mailing that's on the band Facebook page to actually allow people to sign up 3. Understand Google Analytics which controls the advertising that's on this very blog and the list goes on.I mean none of these things seem to be easy for me to understand and know the process to make these different walls I've hit with solving them become something that's comes to full Fruition.In the late 80's and early 90's ,when buzzoven had just formed ,there was manual ways of doing things that most people consider much more of a hassle and prehistoric in this age of THe INtErnet! Honestly though i have found after trying to maneuver all the various ways that you pretty much have to be taken seriously as a band in today's music bussiness, that i would much rather be back to the days of sending press kits to clubs to be considered for a show or to promote a show that's booked,actually beating the streets posting flyers for your show and networking with people in person not just through email and texting.