Monday, June 25, 2012

Misunderstanding The Down Time

Accepting that so much of what responsible life expects from you to get by as so you don't end up in a cardboard condo is really quite excruciating.I wish I felt different and I had a more positive attitude but the fact is with much of what society expects from me it's all I can do to not just Take what I need from the folks in half a million dollar homes with 5 cars and work like 14 hrs a week.From home to top it off.I choose not to be a Thief today and I watch for someone worse off than me to throw a small helping hand.Of course I'm still a bit selfish so it's only on Thursdays that I truly do this and even then I forget often.Anyway I plan to go hard back at what has always been my passion and way of life and that's bending gtr strings and hittin a stage as
Often as the clubs will allow me too.My k.lloyd solo project I have had for a decade now and very little to show for it with recordings,shows and other accomplishments.But hey "Fuck It".Its a new day and I've travelled this path before with some success.A whole lot of Excess as well.It will be a different beast being a mild mannered singer/songwriter but ya know I believe I'm pretty good at it and life is passing by so...............